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As our list of "Flyer" publications grows, we thought it would be useful for you all to "meet" the people in our team.


Editor and Founder

Anthony Bucke editor of the flyer publications and owner of Antiques Bazaar

Anthony Bucke, founder of The Flyer Publications.

“I have been in business in South Somerset since 1976, adding more businesses in London, Taunton  and Exeter, right through to the millennium.  Now I run an antiques centre in Crewkerne, and in parallel over the past 7 years  I have gradually developed “The Flyer Publications” which currently publish 5 titles every year”.


Head of Sales

Andy Munckton from the Flyer Publications

Andy Munckton is Field Sales Manager for ‘The Flyer Publications’.  Andy has extensive experience in media sales throughout the UK, working on publications like The Flyers, local radio, and national campaigns for in-store and on-site feature billboards.

Andy’s friendly voice is the one you will hear on the phone when he is working on the next ‘Flyer’ title.

“I have worked all around the UK including the Scottish Islands, selling advertising to a huge variety of clients. But I am happiest nearer to home - working in Somerset, Devon and Dorset – the area where I grew up” said Andy.

If you haven’t met Andy Munckton yet, he will probably be popping in to see you soon……..


Accountant & Admin

Pauline Alan from Somerset Bookkeeping

Pauline Alan is in charge of our finance, credit control, spreadsheets and general admin.

Pauline runs ‘Somerset Bookkeeping’, her company she set up in 2010.  "I've really enjoyed seeing Flyer Publications build from their first publication - The Antiques Tourist - to now having 5 regular titles. And then speaking to advertisers and learning how their businesses are doing, especially the real benefits they see from advertising in a Flyer publication." 


Graphic Designer

James Rockett from Kode Designs

James Rockett of ‘Kode Designs’ is our graphics designer and website developer, and works from his studio in East Devon.  “I have always had a passion for IT, and spent 8 years in the printing and print design industry, starting out as a print finisher. I gradually worked my way up to learn print design. I studied web development and design and then using all my experience and qualifications, started my own design business ‘Kode Designs’.

James has been working with ‘The Flyer Publications’ since September 2020, developing the concepts of new titles, designing and proofing individual adverts, and completing each publication to deadline.
“My aim is to grow my own business,” concluded James.

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