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Flyer Publication Covers, Honiton, Chard, Crewkerne, Bridport and the Antique Tourist
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The Flyer Publications Logo

The Flyer Publications are a collection

of printed guides covering parts

of the South West of England.

We publish the town guides 4 times a year,

in rotation, Summer, Autumn,

Winter and Spring. 

Currently 4 towns are covered -;


and also now HONITON

We also publish annually a guide to antiques

related businesses in the South West

- The Antiques Tourist.

Adverts, News and Photos


All the titles have a strong local feel to them, either by town and postcode, or by county and region. Some of this is achieved by local contributions and photos.

For readers of The Antiques Tourist, advertisers are categorised by county, with each of the 3 counties being rotated as "lead" county over a 3 year period. We also include a "road trip" for the lead county, guiding readers around all the advertisers in the publication. The purpose of this is to encourage readers to visit as many venues as possible, assisted by the centre-spread map. The Antiques Tourist has grown steadily, year on year, due to its success and popularity.


The Flyer titles carry a diverse range of service providers - garages, pest control, counselling and needle phobia, tiling and home improvements, solid fuel, taxis, accountants, places of interest, retail, pubs and restaurants, etc.  The centre spread maps cover the whole postcode, and each advertiser is listed in an index, with a corresponding number on the map. 

Feedback from advertisers is very positive, and there is strong loyalty to "The Flyer" brand.


Every title is supported by its own website.

The Chard Flyer Logo

"Me and my girlfriend just did The Drift and Chard Reservoir walk that we saw in the Chard Flyer, it was lovely! Just a quick message to say thank you and what a positive thing for the local community! Obviously during lockdown there isn’t much else to do apart from walk, so what a great idea to make people aware of the lovely local routes around Chard. I’ve lived in Chard my whole life and know the area very well but had never walked this route before. So big thumbs up and thanks for the route! Nice to see something positive and proactive in these pretty rubbish times! Big thanks again and keep it up!"

—  Ben Sheahan

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